Registration and morning refreshments

Feb 28: Registration and morning refreshments


Welcome to Qulturum! Registration and morning refreshments take place in the entry hall. If you are a presenter, please hand in your presentation at the registration desk.


What similarities are there between a top athlete and a clinician?

On the fourth day of the Microsystemfestival, the Improvement Science Day takes part. Through interactive discussions, this day highlights how to ensure that methods for improvement science continues to be sustainable. The aim of the Improvement Science Day is therefore to emphasise a critical and educational perspective for a sustainable improvement work.

So, is there actually any similarities at all between a top athlete and a clinician? We do believe there is.
Apart from personal matters, they are most likely to have at least one thing in common: they have probably been using a structured improvement strategy in their daily work for a while. They might think that their choices of improvement has been simple or random of its kind – but yet of importance for themself and others. However, as knowledge of improvement science increases in various sectors, a critical review of its methods is further needed.

Everyone is needed on the Improvement Science Day!

Whether you are , researcher, quality imrovement leader, manager, clinician – or a top athletes (!) we will very much value your participation throughtout the Scientific day!
Through the wide group of participants, perspectives will be broadened and our way of understanding the complexity of research methods will contribute to increased power for improvement science and equality of health.