Digitally enabled ESTHER

Technology is allowing us to embed and sustain the ESTHER philosophy at all levels and to help people to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes, living independently and fulfilling lives in their own homes and communities. Through true co-production, involving real ESTHERS, professionals from various organisations as well as informal carers and volunteers, we understand what is needed and implement digital solutions to address key challenges such as the aging population, complex needs and workforce pressures.

Presenter/s: Robert Stewart (Design and Learning Centre, United Kingdom) , Georgina Walton(Design and Learning Centre, United Kingdom) , Anne Tidmarsh (Design and Learning Centre, United Kingdom)

A Microsystem Approach to Improve Primary Care: Competencies to Facilitate Co-Production ComePassionIT!

By seeking to improve both patient and clinician experiences, the IHI Quadruple Aim focuses on mission driven rather than only external metrics, matching ComePassionIT. Systems thinking as reflective practices aligns how we think with the real world, seeing the whole instead of silo microsystems. Developing interprofessional quality and safety competencies promotes patient engagement through compassion and co-creation towards co-production. Engaged providers have the Passion (will) to do good work when they have Ideas and support to Execute in receptive systems leading to renewal that reinvigorates for compassion satisfaction, not burnout. Interdependency, seeing the whole rather than parts, among microsystems allows balance of competing values among the polarities and paradoxes inherent in complex adaptive systems, replacing problems to solve with polarities to manage. Engaging, Reflecting, Acting leads to co-production that leverages partnerships to improve primary care outcomes.

Presenter/s: Gwen Sherwood (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)