Why don’t ask me what I need to know? A patient perspective on the transition from a pediatric clinic to a medical clinic, and what came out of the frustration over an insufficient communication.

The starting point of this improvement was the transition from a pediatric clinic to a medical clinic for a young adult with Diabetes Typ I. The transition made her life more stressful, and left her with a feeling of insecurity and lack of control. With the initiative from the patient, she, the diabetic coordinator and two nurses from the mentioned clinics produced an informative brochure. The working process and the collaboration worked as a wake-up-call and lead to a quality improvement regarding the transition routine.

Presenter/s: Karin Johansson (Region Kronoberg, Sweden) , Elin Cederbrant(Region Kronoberg, Sweden)

Leadership development for qualified nurses, allied health professionals, and pharmacists in the National Health Service, Yorkshire and Humber.

There has been a shift in guidance in recent years, with an increasing focus on leadership and quality improvement development for all staff in the National Health Service (NHS), UK.  However, this needs to be matched by available courses for practical development and investment from governmental bodies.

This presentation looks at the current picture of leadership development nationally in England and the interprofessional programmes offered regionally and through local NHS trusts.  It briefly discusses the importance of interprofessional learning and the possible challenges, such as tribalism.

Presenter/s: Laura Mizzi (Health Education, England)