Patient and professionals as transformers in a digi-physical Health Care


What is the next generation of rules for a learning organization? How can modernized leadership skills promote shared decision making for everyone! How learning becomes the core process of innovation for everyone!

Presenter/s: Helen Bevan (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, United Kingdom) , Göran Henriks (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Team Coaching Can Make a Difference in Achieving Improvement goals


Team Coaching using a balance of the art and science of improvement can result in more consistent desired outcomes for those coaching and the team. Practicing relational based communication along with utilizing the team coaching model can lead to increased improvement capabilities of those being coached, higher levels of satisfaction, a more disciplined process to making improvements and improved team dynamics. Leaders who learn to leverage the new improvement skills of the team members can find new strengths and resources in the team.

Presenter/s: Marjorie Godfrey (The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy, USA) , Randy Messier (Randy Messier Consulting, USA)

Continuous improvements - learning in TeamLABS


Learning in large organizations, is it a challenge? How to organize and utilize theortical framework in learning in every day learning. Resources, group dynamics, learning styles, everything matters when designing for learning. Simulation is not enough! We have to go real! Is it possible to connect simulation methods in actual every day work? We will explore this together, expanding our knowledge toolbox.

Presenter/s: Maria Johansson (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden) , Marcus Lidin (Metodikum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden) , Magnus Berndtzon (Metodikum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden) , Elsa Ask (Living Library, Ask)

Co-production in action! Welcome to the first International ESTHER improvement café


The world famous ESTHER Network invites you to participate in a in real life learning session. We will explore the use of a learning café as a tool for continuous quality improvement in a learning network. The ESTHER café will start with a short introduction about the ESTHER Model explaining how ESTHER can be any person with complex care and support needs. The cafe will also include us sharing experiences as regards how ESTHER cafés and person centred improvement work is done in Sweden as well as Singapore and Kent and Medway, UK. The Esther Networks works to promote person centred care on the whole care path way, always in partnership with Esther. By listening to real ESTHERS personal experiences of care and support and using this to make continuous quality improvements, we achieve true co-production and make sure that those improvements benefits the not only the system but more importantly, the users of the services, the ESTHERS!

Presenter/s: Anna Carlbom (Kent County Council, United Kingdom) , Nicoline Vackerberg (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden) , Esther Lim (Singapore General Hospital, Singapore) , Marie Winald Karlström (ESTHER and Living Library, Sweden)

Programmed Compassion?


The technological development over the past decade indicates that nothing is impossible. The variation is huge from an AI-powered virtual assistant that makes phone calls to organize your schedule to wearable patches that gives information about your health. The implementation of various types of technological solutions within Healthcare is to improve the best possible service and health for the patient. However, the implementation of data creates challenges whithin legal teams and ethics.

How can we understand the advantages with technology and still retain humanity in Health care? Welcome to an interactive minicource where technology and humanity will be the focus!

Presenter/s: Anders Ekholm (Institute for Future Studies, Sweden)