Preparing for the future – a macro perspective on health care delivery


The health care delivery systems are under a large external and internal pressure. New technologies, new actors and an increasing demand of health care are, together with a shortage and increased burn out of healthcare professionals is challenging optimal functioning of healthcare systems. It leads to long term inadequate health and economic implications for societies. Patients and families stand for new values and co-production is an emerging concept. Continuous improvement methodologies has been successful in the past. But are we facing a disruptive phase for health care delivery?

This workshop will lay out all these challenges and invite participants to be a part of the new thinking. What new kind of research do we need in this new environment? What advises do we give to leaders at the strategic macro level? Which advanced concepts of care are to be envisioned for the future? Join the discussion and contribute with your thoughts and ideas.

Presenter/s: Joakim Edvinsson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) , Ilirjana Bajraktari (European Group on Health Care Delivery, Sweden) , Inger Meland Buene (Vestfold Hospital, Norway) , Ralph So (Albert Schweitzer Hospital, The Netherlands)