Future healthcare


Healthcare in Sweden is in a paradigm transformation. Even if Region Jönköping County has the best results in both care and finances in Sweden, there are coming future challanges within the welfare system. Aging populations and people with cronical diseases challenge healthcare systems all over the world, and so in Sweden. Therefore healthcare needs to be met in a new way of working in the future.


Our key questions are; how do we strenghten individuals to lead their own process to support themselves, to live a healthy lifestyle, and in the care system to become a partner where agreements formed by a Patient compact support better health, clinical results and service design. A whole seamless system approach with co-production in all perspective where healthcare professionals and patients, and their families, create a culture where Jönköping is the best place to live during their whole life.


Region Jönköping County consists of about 360,000 citizens and has the vision ”For a good life in an attractive Region”. The Region has a longstanding tradition of working with quality improvment in healthcare. The Region has good clinical outcomes, and the national best trust for primary care and the three regional hospitals; Ryhov County Hospital in Jönköping, Högland Hospital in Eksjö and Värnamo hospital are all highly ranked in national comparisons.

Presenter/s: Anette Nilsson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) , Mats Bojestig (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)