Partnering Community Nurses & Pharmacists in Medication Management in the Community


Medication management is person-centered care that optimizes safe, effective and appropriate drug therapy. It is a key component in ensuring safe medication use. Community nurses from Singapore General Hospital (SGH) are stationed strategically to support senior citizens to help manage their chronic diseases and medications. There is currently no established referral point for timely medication management assistance or medication enquiries for Community nurses.The project aims to improve SGH community nurses’ accessibility to assistance in medication management and enquiries with SGH pharmacists. Our preliminary findings suggest that the sharing session has enhanced the community nurses’ knowledge and confidence level in helping the residents with medication management. The collaboration has also increased the accessibility of assistance in medication related enquiries and management to the community nurses and residents. More sharing sessions on medication management will be organised subsequently.Moving forward, we are exploring to extend this collaboration to other community partners.

Presenter/s: Giat Yeng Khee (Singapore General Hospital, Singapore)

Move More for Mental Health; a co-produced physical activity programme for people with severe mental illness.


This project is essentially about increasing peoples physical activity, however its the process of co-production that we would like to highlight. The double diamond design process offers a structure to support people to work together. In our process we involved people with lived experience of mental health, health and sports professionals and academics. We have all worked closely together to design and deliver a programme which gets people active in a way that’s right for them. Services are changing and the importance of supporting people to design their own support is becoming more and more pertinent, ensuring that we ask “What matters to you” rather than assuming we know what works. In the next stage of the programme the co-production design process will be used with community mental health teams. We are planning to apply our learning from previous evaluations but more importantly continue with a PDSA cycle, continuously learning changing and developing.

Presenter/s: Liz Fletcher (Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, England) , Lisa Thompson-Cox (Sheffield Flourish, England)