A radical manifesto for future health & healthcare


30 years ago, the Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier took a revolutionary stand by rewriting the rules for filmmaking. At a time when the film industry was rushing to technical effects, supply-driven demand & other forms of overproduction, von Trier wanted to bring them back to the core purpose, to the essence of filmmaking. Inspired by von Trier, we have created a radical manifesto for health & care; a set of rules to get back to the fundamental reason for health & healthcare. We hope that populations of people for whom health and care services are provided can sign up to support the manifesto as well as those who provide care. These rules remind us of what we are aiming to achieve in all our interactions with the health and care system & they provoke us to reimagine the nature of health and healthcare improvement. This session is aimed at everyone who is tired with the status quo & thinks that there must be better ways to activate health & deliver care. We hope that taking part in this session will ignite your fire for change & help you imagine & plan for a new future.  Join us in this movement for radical change!

Presenter/s: Göran Henriks (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden) , Helen Bevan (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, United Kingdom)