The theme for 2022: SynEnergy


It is said that if you took all your DNA, straightened it out, and put it end-to-end, it would stretch to Jupiter and back 10 times over. Imagine billions of billions of even more billions of micro pieces carefully chosen and puzzled together to form what in the end constitutes every living organism on this planet, including you. An entire micro universe inside of every living thing you meet, that is actually so big it could reach the stars of the actual universe our planet spins around in. Our endless universe. The absolute macro infinity. Your micro universe had its own Big Bang. An explosion of energies so big that it caused a revolution, the creation of a whole new system, a new universe, you.

Imagine how all these micro puzzle pieces were put together from two other micro puzzles, together forming a creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Synergy. All pieces cooperating and following a map that eventually lead them to finding their specific place in a new map that is being formed. A map that is carefully folded over and over again to fit. Just like all maps are. Small pieces of folded material that contains entire worlds and universes.

In 2022 we welcome all fellow new-thinkers, explorers and researches. Let’s combine our energies and cause a revolution of thought. Creating the outlines of a worldwide network, forming a new map where our micro pieces can find their specific place. Resulting in a new universe. A universe of Synenergy.