Stream 3: Leadership

Stream 3: Leadership

Stream 3: Leadership

Feb 28

Leadership is about influencing. This year’s theme Resonance captures the need of a leadership that can help people to collect energy in the relationship to each other but also from leaders of the group. This becomes so important in our postmodern world, where everything is possible and almost nothing is certain. Vaclav Havel have said “It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.” And with this words he describes the never ending effort to act into new thinking and skills and develop a microsystem/team mindset where you see the strengths of each individuals competence to improve the wholeness.


Join us at the festival and co- produce leadership of truth and love. Truth gives trust and love open peoples eyes. We have fantastic teachers and workshop that can facilitate this ideas and  effort.



The programme for Microsystem festival 2022 will be build around the five success factors for high performing clinical microsystems.

Each stream will be devoted to one of the success factors and it will comprise of a key-note, a few presentations of improvement work and cases and an international team work problem- solving challenge facilitated by a coach from Qulturum, Region Jönköping County.

At the festival, you will be given many opportunities to exchange experiences and ideas with people from all over the world. People, who share your passion for microsystems and quality improvement and who come to the festival because they believe in the power of Synergy and the importance of spreading Energy for change.