Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts for the 17th Microsystem Festival is now open! Share your achievements and contribute to improving health and social care worldwide. This is your opportunity to meet and learn from over 200 fellow microsystem thinkers, networkers and experts from over 13 countries. Submit your abstract before November 10, 2019 and present your work to our co-learning community!
Abstracts regarding patients/clients would be most appreciated.

New this year – Attach a movie clip to your abstract

This year we will try something new and we will therefore give you as a lecturer the opportunity to present your work with a movie clip. The movie clip can be attached in the abstract form. We will use the clip to promote the festival in general and your seminar in particular. The movie clip should be between 1-2 minutes.

The theme: CoMePassionIT

The theme for Microsystem Festival 2020 is COmePassionIT which is inspired by the concept of compassion. COME and join us in this CO-creative network of people from all over the world, full of PASSION for quality improvement and making difference for both ME and you. Let’s make IT happen!

At the 17th International Microsystem Festival we will discuss and learn together about the importance of Compassion, Co-creation, Co-production, Passion and IT in health and social care. How important is compassion in health and social care? How do we co-produce health and care in best possible way? What are you passionate about and how to sustain passion in work? Is IT encouraging or hindering compassion?
These questions, among many others, we will ask ourselves during these four days of learning and networking experience.