Theme 2

Workshop: Gaming and simulation are versatile tools for system exploration and learning


Simulation has been used in healthcare for many decades as a tool for training non-technical skills in escalating medical situations. A number of new possibilities have emerged for using simulation and serious gaming as a versatile tool in quality and safety improvement.

The goal of this workshop is to highlight aspects of simulation as a method for individual, team and organizational learning.

Organization and Method of presentation
Group discussions based on participants experiences and examples. Short theoretical reflections.

Target audience
This workshop is for you if you are involved in quality or safety improvement and curious about how gaming and simulations methods can be used to facilitate learning.
It is also for participants involved in simulation or teaching of non-technical skills that are interested in exploring other applications of simulation as a pedagogical method.

Learning objectives
To highlight and reflect on simulation as a tool for individual, team and organizational learning.

Presenter/s: Kiku Pukk Härenstam (Astrid Lindgrens Children’s Hospital Stockholm, Sweden)