Co-production in Rehabilitation and Habilitation

Co-production in Rehabilitation and Habilitation

Interdisciplinary teamwork and person-centred care at Rehabilitation Medicine.


Rehabilitation medicine has the mission to increase activity, participation and quality of life for persons with brain injury, spinal cord injury, other neurological diseases, amputations and chronic pain. The core at the clinic is interprofessional teamwork, person centered care and continuous improvement.  During the study visit we will focus on participation in the rehabilitation process for patients and relatives and quality work at the clinic.


Presenter: Malin Hegen, Head of Physiotherapy unit


Incl afternoon refreshments



Habilitation center´s target group is children and adults with lifelong disabilities that require efforts of a cross-professional habilitation team. Examples of areas we work with are intellectual, motor and neuropsychiatric disabilities as well as visual and hearing impairments. During the visit we will show you our communication support, investigations and motor assessments and provide examples of efforts that we offer our patients and their relatives.

Presenter: Anna-Maria Norén, Operations developer at Habilitation center