De-stresstival at the Microsystem Festival

De-stresstival at the Microsystem Festival

De-stresstival at the Microsystem Festival

Stream 4 - March 1

Hello, I am Dee, I am a published author, coach, researcher, international speaker, trainer and fabulous woman. Welcome to my keynote ’De- stresstival at the Microsystems Festival’. In this keynote I will share insights into the microsystem I choose to work in, and some of what I know about individual and collective wellbeing. One of the most powerful methods I use when working with people to make sense of and grow from stressful experiences is coaching, and for this I have developed and published the ’best self’ method. An important factor in why the ’best self’ method works is that it resonates with the people I work with. The simple design is constructed around intertwining theories of salutogenesis, positive psychology and the location of the ’self’ when times are tough, which sounds and is pretty fancy but the bottom line is that it is made to be owned, adapted and, in short, to resonate with those I work with. It means people can find ways to be their ’best self’, whilst improving things at work. Join me for a keynote that introduces you to the model, and how I use it for myself to stay well.

You are welcome to ask me questions before and after my keynote and connect with me via twitter @grays100


In this wonderful keynote your learning outcomes include:


  1. An understanding of the best self model and approach
  2. A first hand experience of resonance with others who use the model
  3. A deepening appreciation of the importance of coaching yourself to stay well during stressful episodes

Keynote speaker/s:

The programme for Microsystem festival 2022 will be build around the five success factors for high performing clinical microsystems.

Each stream will be devoted to one of the success factors and it will comprise of a key-note, a few presentations of improvement work and cases and an international team work problem- solving challenge facilitated by a coach from Qulturum, Region Jönköping County.

At the festival, you will be given many opportunities to exchange experiences and ideas with people from all over the world. People, who share your passion for microsystems and quality improvement and who come to the festival because they believe in the power of Synergy and the importance of spreading Energy for change.