Existential health – experience resonance and co-produce

Existential health – experience resonance and co-produce

Existential health – experience resonance and co-produce

March 2

Part I – from theory to co-producing health, in praxis

The extensive research on the existential, sometimes called spiritual, dimension of health has increased the recognition of its importance for health. A challenge is to find efficient ways to include this dimension in secular- though multi-cultural health care systems, as the Swedish. Inspired by WHO, models for non-confessional existential health interventions for groups have been tested with Mixed Method studies for health promotion and prevention. This work emerges from theories within, Public Health with the existential dimensions, Psychology of Religion and Education and Human Resource Development.

Keynote speaker: Cecilia Melder


Part II – existential group conversations with clients and healthcare professionals respectively

Two studies exploring group conversations with differing aims; treatment and education. Theoretical frameworks varied; in the client study an occupational science approach was applied, while the healthcare professional study was understood through the theory of practice architecture. The results highlight the significance of resonance and coproduction for both clients and healthcare professionals out of existential dimensions.

The two study processes have been discussed in a manner influenced by the research topic in question, existential conversations. A generous and prestige less collaboration has emerged allowing for “test speaking”. Our preunderstandings have, instead of being controlled, served to develop the dialogue with data and theories.

Keynote speakers: Inger Jansson and Karin Thörne

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Keynote speaker/s:

The programme for Microsystem festival 2022 will be build around the five success factors for high performing clinical microsystems.

Each stream will be devoted to one of the success factors and it will comprise of a key-note, a few presentations of improvement work and cases and an international team work problem- solving challenge facilitated by a coach from Qulturum, Region Jönköping County.

At the festival, you will be given many opportunities to exchange experiences and ideas with people from all over the world. People, who share your passion for microsystems and quality improvement and who come to the festival because they believe in the power of Synergy and the importance of spreading Energy for change.