Learning networks

It was the American model for Learning networks (Cincinatti Childrens hospital) that inspired us to create our networks between the clinical teams with patients, research

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Strategies for future health care – rekindling and inspiring todays work

Presenters: Anette Nilsson
Anette Nilsson, [if presenter_2]Sofia Persson,[/if] , ,

Visualisation and Simulation of Data Connected to the National Initiative Strategy for Health

Presenters: Marina Susmanosova
Marina Susmanosova, [if presenter_2],[/if] , ,

Learning networks

Presenters: Kerstin Ramfelt
Kerstin Ramfelt, [if presenter_2]Mirjam Våtz,[/if] , ,

Patient safety in real time, a way to support patient safety in clinical microsystems. Experiences from covid-19 units in Region Jönköping County.

Presenters: Joakim Edvinsson
Joakim Edvinsson, [if presenter_2]Joanna Mellqvist,[/if] , ,

How to rekindle a safe place in a chaotic situation – a matter of cooperation, communication, kindness and reflection

Presenters: Kerstin Ramfelt
Kerstin Ramfelt, [if presenter_2]Christina Petersson,[/if] Joanna Mellqvist, Mirjam Våtz, Anna-Karin Jeppsson

Sexual Safety: Developing a robust process for public and patient protection

Presenters: Kit Jacoby
Kit Jacoby, [if presenter_2],[/if] , ,