Documentation 2020

The Microsystem Festival – February 26

Keynote I

Presenter: Göran Henriks

Block A – Mini courses

A1 – Patient and professionals as transformers in a digi-physical Health Care
Presenters: Göran Henriks and Helen Bevan

A2 – Team Coaching Can Make a Difference in Achieving Improvement goals
Presenters: Marjorie Godfrey and Randy Messier

A3 – Continuous improvements – learning in TeamLABS
Presenters: Maria Johansson, Marcus Lidin, Magnus Berndtzon and Elsa Ask

A4 – Co-production in action! Welcome to the first International ESTHER improvement café

A5 – Programmed Compassion?
Anders Ekholm

Keynote II

I had two choices – and I chose to live
Keynote speaker: Shahrzad Kiavash

The Microsystem Festival – February 27

Block B – Parallel seminars

B1 (Contains two presentations)

B3 – Co-productive interprofessional ward rounds: Learning and improvement emerging in the practice, not arranged beside it
Presenter: Karin Thörne

B4 – Talk about it! Courage – Joy of life – Life purpose
Presenters: Anna-Karin Jeppsson and Thomas Sjöberg

B5 – Partnership with Patients and Families to Coproduce Care
Presenter: Cindy George

B6 – Preparing for the future – a macro perspective on health care delivery
Presenters: Joakim Edvinsson, Ilirjana Bajraktari, Inger Meland Buene and Ralph So

B7 – Future healthcare
Presenters: Mats Bojestig and Anette Nilsson

Keynote III

From God to Guide – a Digital (R)evolution
Keynote speaker: Nasim Farrokhnia

Block C – Parallel seminars

C1 (contains two presentations)

C3 (contains two presentations)

C4  (contains two presentations)

C5 – Patient Compact support personcentered care and empower the inhabitants to a better Healthcare
Presenters: Maria Johansson, Magdalena Fritzon and Elsa Ask

C6 – Leadership Makes the Difference – Practicing humble leadership and new skills can lead to new levels of trust and open communication between leaders and interprofessionals.
Presenter: Marjorie Godfrey

C8 – Psychological Safe – essential learning and change in clinical microsystems
Presenters: Lia Fluit and Tim Klaassen

C9 – A radical manifesto for future health & healthcare
Presenters: Göran Henriks and Helen Bevan

Improvement Science Day – February 28

Keynote V

The use of simulations to increase the understanding of how decisions could affect safety on micro, meso and macro level in systems
Keynote speaker: Kiku Pukk Härenstam

Four Selectable Themes

Theme 1 – Workshop
Psychological Safe and Healthy Learning and Working
Presenters: Lia Fluit and Tim Klaassen

Theme 2 – Workshop
Gaming and simulation are versatile tools for system exploration and learning
Presenter: Kiku Pukk Härenstam

Theme 3 – Workshop
Transforming quality registrers into learning improvement networks
Presenters: Brant Oliver, Dennis Nordvall and Martin Rejler

Theme4 – Three seminars

  1. Co-production between immigrant and refugee patients and healthcare professionals: a scoping review
    Presenter: Christina Radl-Karimi
  2. Reduced antibiotic therapy and hospital stay in term neonates with suspected early onset sepsis after introduction of new treatment guidelines
    Presenter: Johan Gyllensvärd
  3. What matters to ESTHER in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Knee Arthroplasty
    Presenter: Esther Lim